Tim Hortons 100% Colombian, Medium-Dark Roast, Ground Coffee, 12 oz Bag


We were founded by one of Canada’s most celebrated hockey stars, Tim Horton. In 1964, Tim opened a coffee and donut shop in his neighborhood setting out to create a place where anyone could go at any time and feel at home. A place where the door was always open for neighbors to pop by, where there was always a pot of coffee on (a fresh pot every 20 minutes to be exact). That single coffee shop became such a favorite that more locations soon began to open in neighborhoods across Canada, then the US, and now parts all over the world.



Good neighbors wave. Great neighbors share a cup of Tim Hortons. For over 50 years, Tim Hortons has been making a great cup of coffee with 100% premium Arabica beans. We’re proud to share Canada’s favorite coffee with our favorite neighbors.

Enjoy 100% Arabica medium-dark roast Colombian coffee without leaving your home. Bring your favorite community coffee shop’s flavors into the comfort of your own kitchen with Tim Hortons coffee. Whether it’s 8 o clock in the morning or after noon, grab your favorite coffee mug and start dunkin donuts and biscotti in rich, delicious Tim Hortons Colombian Medium-Dark Roast Ground Coffee.


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